Monday, 4 November 2013


In the lead up to the Disco week on XFactor, Nichole Sherzinger took her contestants along to join the rest of the X Factor team at the Renaissance Rooms Roller Disco in London, to get into the Disco Diva groove!
Sam Callahan, Nicole Scherzinger and Tamera Foster - Image from

Judging by these fantastic photos, curtesy of the Mirror online, they all had a blast as they zoomed around the roller disco in SFR Cosmic skates and SFR dual splint wrist guards.
Nicole Scherzinger and Tamera Foster - Image from

Our skates certainly seem to be popular with X Factor, as they have been used by contestants and backing dancers in a couple of the shows now!

We think it's safe to say that our skates have the X Factor!!

For more great images check out the Mirror online.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


We are very chuffed to report that 'those skates' featured on the cover of The Saturdays' new track, Disco Love, are indeed our SFR Cosmics!
Image curtesy of

They have been slightly customised with our pink Light Up Wheels and some Pink Typhoon Stoppers, then the band's stylist team added coloured laces.
The Skates Being Prepared at SFR HQ

We think they look fantastic and cannot wait to see the official music video, which we will of course post on the blog as soon as we can!

Friday, 5 July 2013


Lindsey Cole is an adventurous lady with a great smile and love for laughter.

Check out this video of her skating from Dieppe to Paris while learning French...and even managing to blag some free food along the way, all in the name of charity!

Lindsey's equipment included a pair of SFR RX23 inline skates, SFR Essentials Helmet and SFR AC960 triple pad set.

Be sure to check out Lindsey's other videos on her awesome You Tube channel

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


The perfect kit for kids!

Introducing the all new Vision GT quad skates!

These skates are bold, vibrant, stylish and overall great performers, ranging from sizes 11 to 4.

It doesn’t stop at new skates though. Safety is key, especially for Children. We don’t want them to go out and hurt themselves but we also know that they often don't think it “looks cool” to wear full safety gear. Here at SFR we have also created helmets and pads to match each of these new skates.

All SFR Helmets and Pad Sets are certified to European safety standards and are very popular among skaters of all ages.

So... we have brought you a brand new range of skates with matching safety gear, but the little ones will need somewhere to keep them all. 

We have thought of that too. 

We have also made a great and very affordable skate bag to match the range. Each bag will hold one pair of skates, a helmet and triple pad set (out of packaging).

These bags are practical, vibrant and pleasing to the eye so they can even be used to carry PE kits and sports kits around. It doesn’t have to just be about skating, but of course we want to get everyone out on skates!

The new Vision GT skates and colour-matching accessories are available from most skate retailers.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Great news! Every time you buy a pair of skates from Slick Willies you get a FREE entry into the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall, London.

Offer is subject to availability. While stocks last. 

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Sport for Streets Initiative

Most adults these days spend time wishing that kids would spend less time hanging around the streets, or sitting indoors playing computer games. Some of us complain...but some of us get up and do something about it. 

The Sport for Streets Initiative is a charity that operates out of unique vehicles and is spearheading the Street Hockey development project with their converted Sports Ambulance. This features a sound system, floodlights and is filled up with Skates and protective equipment for young people to use for free. 

The initiative have been using SFR skates for the youngsters to use, while learning how to skate with confidence and safety, and we think that this is something we want to see more of. 

Giving children the time and patience, and teaching them a skill that will not only be fun, but also keep them fit and healthy can only be a good thing!

We want to highlight this great organisation and help them to gain as much awareness as possible. 


Over the past year they have offered primary schools across Oxfordshire free school taster sessions where they bring along Great Britain players to introduce pupils to Skating and Street Hockey. 

At a minimum, every child finishes the session being able to skate forwards, backwards, stopping and turning on both sides with knowledge and being able to demonstrate that they can fall in the correct manner and control their speed. 

90% of the pupils will partake in a Street Hockey game against their classmates.

Sports for Streets offer these schools an after school club and direct links to local clubs where the pupils can participate in skating further.

"This year we have introduced 735 pupils to Street Hockey through this project. Of this 326 have returned and taken part in our after schools club program." - Dave Edwards

Longfields School of Street Hockey from Dave Edwards on Vimeo.

Reaching Out to the Communities
The initiative have put a large project together and had this sponsored by Ovation Systems and Sport England. This project will work across the South of England from two locations. 
- Surrounding Oxfordshire
- Kent, South London and surrounding

The target for this is to run 400 free Street Hockey sessions in 70 locations with the aim of developing local clubs in these areas for young people to access and develop the sport further. 
The throughput of players for this project is targeted at 12,600 people trying Street Hockey on at least one occasion with a retention rate of at least 6000 returning players.
They need to reach this target for the project to be fully successful, so you can help by spreading the word. 

SThree Aspire Project
Sports for Streets have just been sponsored by Central London recruitment firm SThree to offer Street Hockey and life skills workshops to six schools in Brixton and Camberwell in South London, which has been indicated as the most deprived area in the country. 

These sessions will inspire secondary school pupils to learn positive skills for the workplace through the sport, leave behind an after school program for them and culminate in a tournament against other local schools. 

This Sponsorship has also funded the IIHF Team GB for their 2013 campaign for promotion into pool A of the World Championships.

This project will offer 780 young people the opportunity for participation in sport in South London.

You can really help make a difference by getting involved, getting your kids involved, sharing this blog post and by 'liking' the Sports for Streets Initiative Facebook Page

Please spread the word and help this great charity to give more and more young people, great opportunities to develop their skating skills. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hittin' The Ice!

Ice Skating is something that you can do in any weather, thanks to the multitude of indoor ice rinks that are around today, and the pop-up outdoor rinks that you see around, especially during the Christmas holidays.
Children and adults alike love to indulge in this fun sport. Some may head out occasionally, hiring a pair of skates and having a few hours of messing about on the ice, where as others may take the sport more seriously and join figure skating clubs, maybe even becoming competition skaters.

In recent years, especially in the UK, ice skating has taken a big leap, with more and more people getting involved. This is most probably thanks to one particular prime time TV show…

Dancing on Ice, originally titled Skating With Celebrities, has been showing on our screens since 2005. Unbeknown to many fans, this format of reality Ice skating show was first shown on BBC1, entitled ‘Strictly Ice Dancing’, won by England goalkeeper David Seaman. This was aired as a spin-off to Strictly Come Dancing as a Christmas special. 

The following year, after Skating With Celebrities didn't do as well as they hoped, ITV renamed their original show to the name that we all know and love and the rest is history.

Since the beginning, each episode of the show has been opened by the much-loved Olympic champions, Torvill and Dean, who have been heavily involved in the training of all the celebrities taking part.
The 2013 Dancing On Ice Celebrity Contestants - Image curtesy of
Every episode, most of the nation watch in awe as the stars take to the ice and get whooshed around, every which way, before facing the infamous panel of judges.

The success of the show seems to be encouraging people, young and old to get involved in ice skating, whether they are giving it a go for the first time, or picking it up again.

A lot of people are put off by hiring skates because they have been used by so many people before them, and some people are keen to get their own skates because they want to take the sport to the next level. (We aren’t saying there is anything wrong with hire skates. They do clean them).

SFR have a great range of ice skates, both adjustable and fixed size.

The adjustable Ice skates are perfect for the little ones, as their feet are still growing, and our fixed size skates are great looking, providing great performance for those who don’t need adjustable boots or just prefer to have a more elegant looking skate. 
SFR Adjustable Ice Skates - Available in most skate and action sport shops
SFR Fixed Size Ice Skates - Available in most skate and action sport shops
There are many retailers stocking these skates, so all you need to do is Google the skate that you want, and see who pops up. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Twitter and we will be happy to help. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

SFR Cosmic Skates in The Sunday Times Style Mag

The 13th January 2013 issue of Style Magazine sees an interesting feature about dieting and exercise.

Recognise the roller skates on the model? They are the elegant SFR Cosmic skates and we think they look wonderful across the glossy pages.

The entry of these skates into the magazine is all thanks to Coffin On Cake PR, and Surfdome.

Image curtesy of Coffin On Cake PR
Image Curtesy of The Sunday Times Style Mag

BOOT: Figure quad with Suede feel lining and printed vinyl outer

CHASSIS: Aluminium chassis with aluminium trucks and high quality PU Cast stoppers

WHEELS: 58 x 32mm PU Cast 82A SHR


SIZE: UK 3-9

You can also check our Surfdome's blog about the article here: