Monday, 10 March 2014


We hope that the end of Dancing on Ice, does not mean the end to your love of ice skating!

It's been fantastic watching celebs of all shapes and sizes glide around the ice…sometimes not so elegantly. It shows that it's really possible to be as good as the pros in next to no time, with enough practice and determination!

2014's series was especially exciting as the competition was hot enough to melt the ice, in the race to become the champion of champions, featuring favourites such as Suzanne Shaw and Ray Quinn.

Congratulations to Ray Quinn who won that very crown. He was definitely hard to beat and even got the panel of judges all hot and bothered!

We found this great article showing 10 of the most memorable moments from across the various series. These include Todd Carty's hilarious loss of control as he zoomed out of shot and back into the tunnel, as well as a few bumps, bruises and even a trouser split.

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It's a really fun sport to get into and there are so many indoor rinks around now that it's easy to take part! Great fun for the whole family!